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name is claudine cheng. i'm speaking as a past president of oca, organization of chinese americans. every year is special; this year is specifically more special because historically the first year honoring chinese heritage was in 1993, this is the twentieth year anniversary of that; we are proud and happy that the happy new year series is continuing -- by the united states postal service. oca is a national organization 20 years ago urge the postal service to issue a series of stamps to honor the contributions of chinese americans and we have the support of many local organizations, the chinese chamber of commerce, the chinese consolidated benevolent associations and many other national organizations and national leaders that joined asking the post office to consider doing that. we see the stamp as an important part of the american cultural heritage; chinese-americans are a big part of it. this is a special year, our twentieth year. i would like to introduce our mayor, ed lee, this is his press conference. mayor lee has been to many, many if not all of the -- in san francisco. in
claudine wong joins us with this new development, claudine? >> reporter: well, palm we don't know -- pam, we don't know what the guidelines are but when you talk about how the oakland a's would facilitate a move to san jose that is a big deal when you talk about this long an ongoing battle. this battle has been going on for years but as the los angeles times reports, they don't guarantee a move but what they do is make a vote by club owners more of a possibility. if they voice concerns in these guidelines, they could let the club owners vote on the issue. in order for the a's to move to san jose, a couple of things have to happen. 75% of club owners would have to vote to approve the move to san jose. to be clear even if it was approved, owners could block the project by suing. but we spoke to them this morning and they think the a's will eventually go. >> i think it would be cool if we had a new stadium. >> do you think they have a good chance of getting one in oakland or a better chance in san jose. >> san jose, yeah. >> so what could possibly be in these guidelines, number one they hav
was a no show in court. he's trying to overturn his felony conviction for obstruction of justice. claudine wong joins us live outside the courthouse to explain what happened today, claudine? >> reporter: well, the hearing was quick. it only lasted about 30 minutes, tori. now that's all -- now all that's left for barry bonds is to sit and wait for this panel of judges to make a decision. >> the united states of america versus barry bonds. >> reporter: a lot of legal arguments were made this morning in front of this three- judge panel all trying to answer the question did barry bonds obstruct justice when he testified before a grand jury back in 2003. his attorney argues the government case comes down to one question about his childhood friend and personal trainer greg anderson. the question was did greg ever give you anything that required a syringe to inject yourself with. bonds answer focused on his friendship with anderson and his celebrity child status. >> why couldn't he answer that with a yes or no? >> he did. he did three times, your honor. on page 48 and 49, ausa says you satisfied me. w
. dozens of homes and cars are flooded. ktvu claudine wong is near the stones town galleria mall with more amazing peck curs. claudine, i have never seen so much water around cars. >> unbelievable mess. resident some of them in tears over the mess that is left behind. i want to give you a look at the scene. this is the intersection of 15th and wanona. the water has receded. if you take a look at these vehicles you can see how high it went because the water mark up over the door and car tires. that is mud you are looking at. what the puc told us they thought the sewage backed up. they no longer think that is the case. the break happened up this street on 15th avenue and the water rushed down here. what happened it actually didn't break through the ground. it actually just went underground. that washed away the ground underneath. what you are looking at now is the mud it pushed up. let me tell you what it looked like a short time ago. this is really an unbelievable site that people woke up to this morning. this is all about 2:30 to 3:00 this morning. couple residents say they heard car alarm
concerns. >>> new at noon -- valentine's day has turned into a day of protest at city hall. claudine wong is live to let us know what's happening there right now. >> reporter: we have an interesting situation here at city hall. we're in the rotunda, valentine's day, a very popular day to get married. we've seen a lot of couples get married here. people can go ahead and give their vows and walk off as a married couple. i want to walk you over here to the south light court. right next to the rotunda is a press conference that's underway right now. inside this room are a lot of couples as well. but these couples are not allowed to get married because they legally can't because they are same-sex couples who are hoping to be married and hoping the laws change soon. we could be looking at big changes soon because the supreme court next month will be looking at this issue. the highest court will be considering the constitutionality at the defensive marriage act and prop 8. a decision in that case could have far-reaching implications for the country. now, we did talk to one couple in here who hav
break. it happened in the west portal area of 15th avenue and winona street. claudine wong joins us live from the scene and still a lot of activity going on. >> reporter: that's right. it's still a mess. on one side you have homeowners. they are trying to dig through mud and the mess that's been left behind and take a look over here. you can see crews trying to get to the bottom of what happened. what you are looking at is that 16-inch water main that broke this morning. it caused a sinkhole but right now they are trying to dig it up and just get access to it because you can't fix it if you can't get to it. take a look at these incredible pictures as water went rushing down at 2:30 a.m. this man had water in his house and his car was submerged. >> the water got as high as the windows and the alarm started to go off. >> reporter: once water got to bo. to of the -- to bottom of the hill, it started to rise in people's homes and cars. this woman's son was asleep when he awoke to the son of rushing water. >> my son upstairs start crying for his stuff and everything. >> reporter: how old is y
, claudine wong joins us with this very new development, claudine wong? >> reporter: we don't know but at least continue to one now exist since this battle has gone on for years and they are trying to move down to san josement the guidelines done actually make a vote more of a possibility. if they act this these sidelines it is critical. in order for the a's to move a few things have to happen. both a to resince the giants territorial rights to that area. even if it was approved giants could block the project by suing. what could be in these guidelines? it is likely the as have to show a successful formula and make money once it is done because a big viability is an issue. remember the judge claimed they would loose critical revenue if they moved to the south bay. and ml dasheen major league baseball force continues to work order -- major league baseball force continues to work hard and a resolution is not coming any time soon but the honor asked them to keep the coliseum here until 2027 and he asked to keep the teen here regardless of what happened. >>> there are new developments
. claudine wong is at the scene. you just talked to a homeowner who is shocked by all of the damage. >> reporter: let me give you a look at what's happening right now in this san francisco neighborhood. this is 15th and winona. the cleanup continues and up the block you can see the yellow tape and a sinkhole there. that's where the water started from. it came all the way down here, at this point where we're standing in the street, the water level was about waist high. it covered a lot of these cars and certainly went into these homes. i want to talk you over here and give you an idea of what homeowners are dealing with this morning because it really is a mess. this is marina's home. she's let us come over here to show you what's going on inside her garage. if we walk you in there, you can see the mess on the floor. but even worse than that, the mess once you get inside. there was actually a refrigerator standing up. it's toppled over. what you can't see, the back room is a mess. just recarpeted and redid this area. she said this is so devastating to look at. we talked to her neighbo
, claudine wong is right there in north beach, you have new information you just received from supervisor, what are they saying? >> reporter: well the supervisor is going around turning off valves because there are several pipes running underneath this street. there are big developments in the last half hour and you can see a gentleman trying to clear out the cable car tracks and cable car service is affected and they are running a shuttle but certainly they want to get the cable car back here so he is cleaning out the roadway. in he is it of what caused this, they -- in terms of what caused this, a 36-inch main is right there but as he was going around he turned off a 12-inch main and that's when the water finally turned off and that pipe is much larger. you can look at this buckled part of the street and the 12- inch main runs through here and they have isolated it to this area. what caused it, they are not sure. let me show you pictures. this is why it was so difficult for them to figure out what was causing it. it is going through both sides of the street through mason and jones and t
with their favorite movie stars. it is about to start in less than an hour, claudine wong has more. >> reporter: this is one of three courses being played in the pebble beach pro golf tournament. this is where all of your a- list celebrities, your best known golf professionals will be playing here and tee cup starts 8:30, and this is the best place that is lit right now. this course has only been part of tournament for a few years and they added it because it is special and it is owned by privately owned businesses. thanks for joining us. we were just saying how this is special because people done often get to see this, tell me what it is like to be part of this tournament? >> well, we are very proud of it because the proceeds go to local charities and last year we helped to generate $10 million to local charities and that's the most special thing of the tournament. >> reporter: phil mickelson says it was one of his favorite courses, what was it like -- what does it mean to have them here? >> well, this is a member owned club and they are very proud and pleased to have the tour here and have al
court to throw out his felony conviction for obstruction of justice. ktvu claudine wong is looking at court documents tied to today's court hearing. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we are standing in front of the james r. brown united states courthouse. this is where the hears will be held this morning. bonds is hoping to get that obstruction of justice conviction overturned. this process started with this 80 page filing back in may. bonds will have to wait a little longer to answer today. we do not expect him to get an answer today. if you remember bonds was convicted back in federal court. back in january of 2011 for obstructing justice. he gave evasive testimony to a grand jury five years earlier. bonds was accused of actually lying to the grand jury but a trial jury couldn't reach a verdict on those charges. bonds was left with obstruction charges and was sentenced to one month home confinement and 250 hours of community service. he hasn't served any of that crime. now this mornings hearing on the appeal goes before the three-judge panel. it gets under way at 9:00 a.m.. just s
crew on scene. reporter claudine wong talked to both witnesses and the victims and has video of the fire as had shot flames 30 feet into the air. >> grandma? where are you at? >> reporter: you can hear a little panic in sal vau door's voice as he races to get his family out of his oakland apartment after seeing flames in the trees outside. he shot this video after 2:00 this morning. >> i told my mom to grab the baby and my grandmother and we called 911. >> reporter: he wasn't the only one called 911. so was his neighbor, tony. >> my whole house was lit up. it was lit. we're okay now. >> reporter: firefighters got the fire out quickly but the 30- foot flames still knocked out power and damaged at least two cars. the woman who owns this one didn't what to go -- didn't want to go on camera but we were there when she saw -- when she saw it for the first time. >> i just got a phone call this morning like five minutes ago and she told me that it looked like my car that was in the fire because she recognized the street. i just moved here. >> reporter: this man just was not sure what
in rural west sonoma county. claudine wong joins us with the many questions tied that grim discovery, claudine? >> reporter: out here you can see the lights of the sheriff's deputies and then the light of the home in question and as you said police have been out here all night and this scene has been processed you all night into this morning in a crime that started yesterday afternoon with the discovery of three bodies yesterday afternoon. we know a man was concerned after not hearing from his brother for several hours. when they tracked him down they brought him here to a rural area, a single lane road which comes down to this area. apparently one of the family members had an association with this property. they all died of gunshot wounds and police are trying to figure out that this happened -- how this could happen. >> they all died of an apparent struggle and they all died of gunshot wounds. >> could it be a murder/suicide? >> it is not a murder/suicide. >> it is the kind of the area where this all happened and it is very rural, wooded, there are neighbors surrounding the drivewa
's valentine's day. very few businesses probably enjoy the day more than flower shops. claudine wong is live at the flower shop which is preparing for a busy day. i'm sure it smells wonderful in there. >> reporter: it does. the folks coming in are florists, trying to make up for the last-minute folks coming in. we know most of them coming in will be guys. at 10:00, this place opens at the public. if you are thinking i need some of those, you can get them. you will pay a premium as people are working around the clock getting ready for the day. joined now by the san francisco general manager of the flower mart. you guys start early in terms of getting everything ready for the day. i've seen a lot of vans getting loaded up. >> we've been going on for about the last week and getting the flowers out to the commercial trade. they set up to get all of the arrangements out and organized. it's been going on all weekend. it's been a long road. >> everyone's exhausted. >> reporter: there's no way to prevent the last-minute folks from coming in here who are desperate. >> no. that's what we see today. of
police department. >>> the chinese new year parade is a few days away. this morning, claudine wong got a behind-the-scenes look at preparations for the spectacular floats that will be a big part of it and the race against the clock. >> reporter: it was the calm before the storm inside this warehouse full of unfinished floats. >> i think our floats have gotten fansier. we used -- fancier. we are at about 700 manhours per float. we are 700 manhours from being finished. and boy, did the call for help go out then. >> reporter: david thomas is building 24 of the 25 floats you will see on saturday. getting a behind-the-scenes look means we get in on a couple of secrets. this is going to go up and down, this pump. you might think they are gonna use some financecy -- fancy machinery to make that happen. inside, will be some lucky person who gets to operate that for the entire parade route. with 3 million expected to watch the numbers are impressive. but so are these numbers. >> we will probably go through 600 fender washers, 1,000 2- inch lags probably 40 pounds of crews. already the shiny pap
dozens of people in the dark. claudine wong is out there in the neighborhood this morning where it happened. and just spoke with someone the person that called 911. >> reporter: we have new information, new video, new details for you about this over night fire that is being called suspicious. let me give you a look at some of the damage. these used to be cypress trees. the flames shooting off these were 30 feet in the air. if you want an idea how hot it burned, all you have to do is look at the car that was parked next to it. they say it could have been worse it could have spread to the other trees and homes around here. it certainly scared a lot of people. we talked to one man who called 911 and grabbed his camera. he's trying to get his family, grandmother, baby out of the house when he saw the flames. he took his camera outside and showed us what it looked like. certainly shocked by what he saw. it's smoky. there is smokes come into the building. firefighters got on scene a little after 2:00 this morning. they say there were embers getting everywhere. they were certainly conc
charge. claudine wong is looking a the the court documents tied to the hearing. >> reporter: dave, any time you have barry bonds in court, there is a lot of attention on this. let me give you an idea how this will go down. we are in front of one of the public entrances to this courthouse. but there will be cameras on either side of this building. everyone tries to get a glimpse of the former slugger before he heads into court. this is not expected to be a long hearing but the court was only to a small number of journalists. ktvu will be in there. there will be a camera allowed inside. and at issue inside will be barry bonds obstruction of justice conviction. he was convicted back in 2011. it all centered around grand jury testimony from 2003. during an investigation into balco. company accused of distributing performance enhancing drugs. we've been looking at the filings this morning. the government basically saying that bonds quote obstructed justice when he sought again and again to avoid answering questions about injections about these topics. now bonds' attorney however say this is
by a major water main break. claudine wong has been out there since 4:30 this morning talking with residents and trying to find out when things will be back to normal. >>> we are live in santa cruz where two veteran police officers were shot and killed. how that community is coping and the way the slain officers are being remembered. >>> sky are clear but will they stay that way? >>> we have breaking news we've been following since 4:30 this morning. a huge water main break in san francisco. it is flooding homes and cars. >>> darkest day in the history of the santa cruz police department. we'll tell you more about the two fallen officers and the man authorities say killed them. >>> we are live in santa cruz where there is a growing memorial for the two officers shot and killed. we're remembering them this morning and we also have reaction. >>> bay area missing couple reportedly found alive in south america. why their family is not believing the good news and what they are asking authorities to show them. >>> good morning. welcome to wednesday, february 27th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i
. ktvu channel 2 reporter claudine wong is live in the neighborhood where it happened with more on why firefighters are calling it suspicious. claudine. >> reporter: this investigation under way at this hour. firefighters told me 40 people in the dark for a fire early this morning. you can see there is nothing left of these two here. there is only is a couple of them here. there is a couple more down the street. if you want to know how hot it pushed, take a look at this car. it just melted the side of the vehicle. this all started at 2:00 this morning. i want to show you video we shot a little bit earlier. if i talk to the lieutenant this morning from the oakland fire department he says they got a call about 2:00. residents in a nearby apartment building started getting smoke into their apartment so they called 911. when firefighters got on the scene the flames were shooting 30 feet in the air. fur of these trees were on fire. some of the cars parked next to them were also starting to burn. there was a power line down in the middle of the street. they got everything out. their fire inv
homicide. they found the bodies of three men, this is not far from highway 16. claudine wong is there outside the home, what are investigators saying, claudine? >> reporter: it has been a long night out here and they are still trying to get to the bottom of this. there are a couple of homes through here and then you have this single entrance and you can see the crime scene tape and you can see at least one or two sheriff's deputies cars and past them you see the home where this discovery was made yesterday afternoon. there is a lot we don't know at this hour, we could know yesterday afternoon between 3:00 and 4:00 sheriff's deputies got a call because there was a man who could not get ahold of his brother, he had been trying for hours and could not get ahold of him. three men were shot in the back bedroom of this home near forestville. police are not saying much, they say they were all shot, they say they knew each other and they do not believe it was a random crime or murder/suicide but neighbors say it is not knowing which makes it hard to deal with. >> not knowing is unne
riders -- claudine wong is talking with bart riders. claudine? >> reporter: it is hard to find people as you might imagine who want to pay more but there seems to be one common theme, it is this resignation to ride and they will dig deeper. two thirds of the board must approve it and we have been looking around and it does not look like there are other options on the table. it is either a larger fair hike down the road or they are just putting off the purchase of new railcars. how much are we talking about? they deal with both fares and parking. the increases are considered an inflation based increase. fares go up 5.2% and 3.9% in 2018 and 20/20 and that estimates more than $2,500 in revenues. parking changes and parking fares range from one to three dollars and how are people reacting, some see it as a sign of the times and others are creating harder times. >> to me transit is starved for money and i don't mind paying more. >> we got the bridge and they are getting us every which way. >> everybody is going up. you know, and it looks like everybody is just dipping into the american pu
's claudine wong joins us live from outside of the home to let us know what sheriff deputies reveal. it's not much, is it, claudine? >> reporter: no. we're still waiting for more information. this investigation still getting underway. we do have daylight now so we can give you an idea of where this happened. behind me, that's the mobile command center that's parked at the neighbor's home. there are some neighbors here. we're gonna walk you down the driveway. there's only one way in and out of this home. you can see the crime scene tape is up as we walk you up the driveway that goes from asphalt to dirt. there are two sheriff deputy cars that we can see from our vantage point. and you can see the car way off in the distance there. we know this area has been busy through yesterday afternoon. let's take you through what we know from police. police tell us that the three men were found shot to death in a back bedroom of the small home. apparently, the brother of one of the victims was looking for him yesterday after not being able to get ahold of him on the phone for a few hours. they ended
've learned new details surrounding an overnight fire in oakland that left dozens in the dark. claudine wong is live on nicole avenue where pg&e crews have been working all morning long to turn those light the back on. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning. yes. new information from you from pg&e. this is 2800 nicole avenue. you can see the pg&e crews -- see that gentleman getting in that blue truck? he's getting in his truck because the work is done. they've been able too turn on power so the 40 or so residents that live here. they did that by replacing the wires. if you look up on the roof, you can see that's a good sign. power is back on. they've been without power since 2:00 this morning when the fire started. i want to give you a look at some video of when this happened because certainly pretty scary here. this is all about 2:00 this morning. he said he got his family out, called 911, took out his phone to record video of the flames. he didn't want his face shown on camera but he's pretty sure it was set on purpose. >> yeah. there was like a tree lit on fire. there's like a
of three men inside a home in forestville. claudine wong joins us from just outside the home with what investigators have revealed so far, claudine wong? >> reporter: police say there is only one way out of here and this is where it is. you can see the crime scene tape near forestville. the road winds down and you can see the headlights are on and we know there are a couple down there early this morning and if you keep on going, you can see the lights on in this case where the discovery was made yesterday afternoon. here is what we know so far, because police did speak late last night, they did not have a lot to say and we know a man and his girlfriend were trying to get hold of that man's brother and they ended upcoming out to this home and that's when they found the bodies of three men, the brother included shot to death in one room of the home. police would not reveal their identities when they spoke to the press last night but they did say it was not a random crime. >> there did not appear to be a struggle and they died of gunshot wounds. >> was it execution-style? >> i am not goin
channel 2 morning news. claudine wong. >> it is still affecting homes and businesses this morning. now a car hit a pole last night knocking out power to 3500 customers. that power is knocked out to several homes and businesses and they hope to restore is to everyone. the lights went out shortly after 6:00 affecting some homes and businesses there. pg&e was able to restore power to everybody but there was reports it was caused by a downed power pole. >>> chp is blaming a driver, which shortly happened midnight. investigators said the driver collide head-on. the head-on accident brought traffic to a holt for nearly two hours. so much a is investigating whether alcohol played a role. >>> meanwhile chp is investigating the death of a homeless woman looking for her lost dog. she was looking for her lost -- looking for her log dog. >>> it brought snow to two mountain areas and it is a pretty picture there. people managed to do a little playing up there mission peek and san jose are also covered with some snow. now the snow brought a small tornado to red bluff 1:30 afternoon. no reports of an
concerned over their safety on the job. ktvu's claudine wong investigates the security challenges facing all hospitals across the nation. >> reporter: an inmate escaped in oakland. couple weeks ago, workers were attacked. two years ago he held a worker at gun point. highland emergency room nurses upset with the management contacted ktvu recently. after a loaded gun was found on a patient. one said administrators don't work with the patients, it is not going to effect them till one of us gets shot njured or -- shot, injured or killed. they say with patient loads at record levels security is a challenge and says it is a national problem. >> the world is changing. hospitals as a whole have to look at how they provide security for their employees and patients. but also maintaining speed of service. >> reporter: a 2011 study by the emergency nurses association found the problem is getting worse. 3/4 of nurses who are victims, said they got no response from their hospitals. they represent nurses at sutor and kaiser hospitals. >> there safeeling it is just -- is a feeling it is just part of the job
". it is super bowl sunday. february 3rd, i am mike mibach. >> i am claudine wong. >> kickoff in eight and a half hours. we will have a first check with rosemary. rosemary orozco rosemary how is it today? >> wide sprez 40s and making an early morning drive to the grocery store. this is what you can expect. cloudy at the coast. partly cloudy elsewhere and we do still have the hazardous waves at the beaches until 10:00 a.m. we will talk about this and what you can expect for your sunday. and i have rain back in the forecast. >>> back to you. >>> it is super bowl sunday. anticipation is brimming from the bay area to the bayou, and we will be outside the superdome where they will set the scene for us. the 49ers are at the team hotel. and in two to three hours, they will take a bus to the stadium. jim harbaugh led the players in a 15 minute walk through inside the dome. that's the video you are seeing there. he wanted the team to get used to playing on the surface as well as looking at the lights. >> players were allowed to bring their families to watch. one person actually shod who has got it better
to congratulate again claudine and the whole team, postmaster general, is leadership is always been important. and the public service that she does not only in delivering the mail and postal service but reflective of the stamp and the u.s. postal service office that we get this opportunity to have a national platform on which our culture affinities can be displayed. happy new year. (chinese) thank you mayor lee. every year the united states postal service in washington dc receives many applications for subject matter to be reflected on a postal stamp. we really want to thank the poster service committee for selecting every year for the happy new year stamp, or the lunar year thing, to be part of the commemorative stamp program. with us today is seven cisco postmaster rog cingara (sounds like). >> thank you for that kind introduction. i want to thank you for being with us today and for your support of the united states postal service. i know you have important business in washington to attend to. something about an inauguration. i really appreciate your taking the time out here
for area businesses too. live at the flower store and i know they are getting ready for a busy day claudine. >> reporter: this is just one of the vendors and we have seen people coming in ran out of here -- in and out of here all morning long. i looked up some statistics, and the women who would end their relationship if they didn't get anything for valentine's day 53%. if you want to look, second to only mother's day and roses are still everyone's favorite? >> everybody loves roses and it is the most popular commodity. >> reporter: this is one of those classic holidays that every one keeps coming back to. >> yes, everybody comes back to the red rose we are here to support it and keep it moving. >> reporter: tell me how this morning will go, we have seen people coming in and out of here, how does your morning shake out in terms of valentine's day morning? >> well, we have been going since last friday fulfilling the orders and floor rests have to get in here early and get it prepared to go. >> this is a last minute holiday so you are dealing with a last minute crowd. what is the most popular
there at mason and filbert, there is a broken 12- inch pipe with a mess out there, claudine? >> we know where this pipe is, it is a 12-inch pipe, pretty decent sized water-main, you can see there is a pile of mud which is still sitting there and they have to get that cleaned up and this will affect traffic going through there. they have not blocked off the roadway but take a look at the gentleman across the street, they are watching the tracks right now, because usually the mason cable line, they have stopped their this and folks here are instead on a bus of shuttles going around the area. that man told me the plan is to get somebody down here to look at the tracks and if they are clear of degree they will start them running again. at 3:00 a.m. you can see the water was really going down the street and a resident told us they tried to turn on their faucet, couldn't get any water to come on and came out here and they saw quite a sight. crews were trying to figure out where that water was coming from and they finally determined it was coming from a 12-inch pipe and the supervisor described wha
, claudine wong involving major league baseball. >>reporter: that's right, dave, we are standing in front of the coliseum and that's not going to change or likely for the next four seasons but this is significant because anything that provides a pathway for this team is significant and these are tentative guidelines are being reported and in this case it does provide framework that a move would be viable and successful. we don't know anything but this all comes from the los angeles times report but if it can meet them it takes a critical step. in order for the as to do that, they would have to approve the vote and to rescind the giant's territorial right to that area. even if it could happen, we do expect the giants to continue to fight this. it is faux focused on the viability of the site and financial projections and they will ask for those projections but the a's will have to show they can make money once it is done. one preparation on the table they are prepared to show about the move to the south bay. this is still a very long process this morning and the only statement from major le
. and now water in some houses is two feet high. claudine wong. >> reporter: check out this situation. it is a mess out here. i want to give you a look at the intersection on 15th avenue. you can see the water is still sitting here. a good portion of it not sure what is in that water but it is swirling at this point as officials from the pec try to figure out what to do and how to get this cleaned up. we can tell you there is several blocks inside the traffic. san francisco police keeping everyone from getting in and around here. i want to bring out jim o'connell into this. yowley here. i'm looking at your suv. tell me what you saw this morning when you said you came outside. >> i came out around 2:30 to have a cigarette. and the water was just gushing from right up there about halfway up the block. and i came outside to check it out. and i was out here for a a half hour. by the time i tried to go back in i was trapped. >> reporter: what is the situation inside? this is your home right here. the bottom floor is? >> the bottom floor got to a foot and a half of water. >> reporter: your
. >>> we have an important public hearing happening later, claudine? >> reporter: we are in san francisco at the embarcadero and we have been talking about the fair increase and the vote is expected and will be over at the board meeting this fair will affect riders directly and here is what is imposed, there is an inflation based everybody crease -- based increase that will end in 2016, 218 and 220. -- 20/20. we are also talking about a parking rate increase 1 -- increase, 1 to $8 and it will generate hundreds of millions of dollars and riders are not search happy but one tell us there is not much they can do about it. >> we all have to go to work but riders cannot do anything about it. >> there will be a final vote. >> reporter: they need a two thirds vote on the board to make this happen and they have to find other forms lars to get their capital and if it does not come they will have to have a larger fair increase down the road or they would not buy new railcars. we will have more coming up on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> the popular s
out his felony conviction for obstruction of justice. ktvu's claudine wong is looking at the court documents tied to this morning's court hearing. >> reporter: good morning. yes, the hearing will take place here this morning at 9:00. it's not supposed to last very lock. this is the next step in what's been a long journey. it centers around 2003 grand jury testimony. here to help us sort through what we can expect today is william keen, a former federal prosecutor who represented one of the defendants in the balco investigation. tell me what we can expect to happen. >> about a half-hour of argument. what's on appeal is the one count that mr. bonds is convicted on. the jury deadlocked on three perjury counts. he was charged with lies to the grand jury. there was no verdict on it. he was convicted on obstruction based on an invasive -- evasive rambling answer about whether his trainer injected him with performance-enhancing drugs. >> reporter: how likely do you think that bonds will get this overturned? >> el with, it's difficult to -- well, it's difficult to get a criminal conviction
at mason and fillbert. claudine wong has been there since 4:30. the repair crews are trying to fix that broken pipe? >> reporter: yeah. there is a lot of work that still needs to be done out here. the water is gone but the mess remains. take a look at the mud left in the street. you can tell, this is where the water came rushing down. this is mason and fillbert. do you see the grass stuck in that pile of mud? let me show you where that came from because it came from right here in this coned-area. this is where the 12-inch main is sitting under the sidewalk. the crews want to get to it. they need to dig up the sidewalk and take a look at it. they can't do that until pg&e comes out and marks the gas lines. we're told they should be here maybe the next 15 minutes or so. as you take a look at across the street, a gentleman from muni is waiting to inspect the cable cars. if we pan up the street this way, you can actually see all of the water department crews waiting to get to work as well digging everything up. this all started about 3:00 this morning. that is when water started rushing
. * against the wall there and every speaker will have two minutes. >>> good morning. claudine chang, legal counsel for the japantown garage corporation. i'm glad chairman farrell brought up the question of paying a middleman [speaker not understood]. actually this lease is not about $1. why we pay $1 and what are we getting back? if i were in your shoes i'd ask exactly the same question it is a very valid question. i want to bring up a point. when garage lease was first approved in 1988, [speaker not understood] realized unique economic benefits by entering into this lease. again, director's message to the committee, he talked about oversight and community relations. and [speaker not understood] benefits. i would like to bring to your attention these benefits are not just intangible. they are pretty quantifiable because over the last few many years, the japan center garage contributed to the city's transportation fund of over $1.1 million every year to the city's transportation fund. and on top of that, the japantown, according to [speaker not understood] office, had an increase of 70.7 pe
.a.r.t. riders you may soon have to pay more money. fares may be going up again. ktvu's claudine wong is in san francisco now to tell us how much the fares could go up and claudine, how often? >> reporter: well, we're looking at increases that will go into effect over the next several hours. we're in front of the embarcadero station this morning. we've seen a steady stream of folks coming up here. people who will obviously be affected by this. b.a.r.t. says regular small fare increasessic loo the ones proposed have been key to b.a.r.t.'s financial stability during difficult economic times. it's been done since 2006. b.a.r.t. wants to keep that going. so the board will vote on another series of hikes. the two-thirds of this board must approve. i've been looking at the proposals, really it looks like there's not a lot of other options. b.a.r.t. says this will help fund projects that include new rail cars and a new train-controlled system over the next years. if this is all green lighted, fares would go up every two years. the fares would go up 5.2% in 2014 and 3.9% in 2016. and that's all estimat
. claudine wong is live on nicole avenue. i know the pg&e crews are doing their best to get the lights back on. >> reporter: yes, they have been working for a little over an hour here. it looks like they are making good progress. some of the crews they actually just got down from the cherry picker. if you take a look at these wires stretched across the street that is what they were replacing. that's what got burned when this fire was getting under way. you take a look at the trees, you can see where the fire at least part of the fire is burn. there were a couple different locations. i want to show you how bad it looked when the fire was going. because there was one man that lives nearby who actually got alerted by the flames, called 911. grabbed the camera. this is what he saw. >> grandma. where you at? >> reporter: that is salvador trying to get his grandmother and baby and his family out of the house after he realized the trees in front of the apartment complex he lives in were on fire. this is all about 2:00 in the morning. there were at least three cypress trees shooting flames 30 feet
caught fire. claudine wong has the video. >> reporter: he races to get his family out of his oakland apartment after seeing flames in the trees outside. he shot this video this morning. >> i told my mom to grab the baby and my grandmother. >> reporter: he wasn't the only one calling 911. so was his neighbor. >> my whole house is lit up. it was lit on fire! so i was, we're okay now. >> reporter: firefighters got the fire out quickly. but the 30-foot flames still knocked out pour and damaged at least two cars. the woman who owns this one didn't want to go on camera. we were there when she saw it for the first time. >> i just got a phone call this morning. like five minutes ago. and she told me that it looked like my car that was in the fire because she recognized the street. i just moved here. >> reporter: and this man just wasn't sure what to do when he saw the melted front bumper of his car. he needed to get to work. upset? >> yeah. >> reporter: angry? crews got on scene it took a couple of hours to replace damaged power lines and get electricity back on to about 40 residents. firefi
'm claudine wong. to rosemary orozco. >> mostly clear. we are calm. a bit of patchy frost out there. some of us sinking into the supper 20s to low 30s. we'll talk about the slight warmup expected for the afternoon coming up. >>> we are following developing news out of san francisco. police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened just a few hours ago. they tell us a man was shot in the city's western edition. alex savidge is live there now. what can you tell us so far? >> reporter: we are getting very limited information from police this morning. that is because it's so early on in this investigation. a sergeant that was out here confirmed a man was shot and killed. he was found right over near this corner. near the intersection of hayes and webster. an anonymous caller reported gunfire in this area around 2:00 this morning. we'll show you that video. officers were out here for most of the morning. police tell us the victim was rushed to the hospital after suffering at least one gunshot wound. he died there from his injuries. homicide investigators searching for the shooter invol
th. i am mike mibach. >> i am claudine wong. >> good morning, rosemary. >> we have a good looking day and the cooling trends continues for the sunday. waking up with patchy fog and clouds. cool start once again. 30s and 40s into the bay area. temperatures will take a dip. i will tell you by how much. we will be tracking cold weather in the next week ahead. that is coming up. >>> runners are limbering up for what is a san francisco tradition. lorraine blanco is live in china town where they are celebrating the lunar new year. >> they are celebrating the year of the snake. >> people are setting up for the big five k walk. this is at the intersection of sacramento and grant street in san francisco's chinatown. it is the oldest and largest in the nation. the celebration is the biggest outside of asia. this event here attracts 1500 runners and benefits the ymca's youth and teen programs. i am live with jennifer from ymca, chain gnawtown and she will tell us more about the event. >> good morning. >> this is what we are doing over 35 years. and it is a great event. a lot of youth and familie
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